Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some of my favorite things!

Fall, Halloween and mice!!!  I just think fall babies (I was born in October) just appreciate and love fall so much!  Whenever I come across a person that loves Fall, they always seem to be born in the fall months.  Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday....LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!    And well, mice??  I've loved mice since I was little.  I love collecting things with mice on it....they are just so cute!!!!   They don't make go EEEEK....just Awwww!

So what has brought on my love fest of my favorite things?   Well, that would be Old Road Primitives newest creation and giveaway!   She is having a giveaway of a Fall Meadow Mouse n Witch Hat.

Head on over to her blog for a peek....just don't go EEK when you see the mouse!  :)

Have a great night,
Aunt DeeDee