Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend Project

Well I can't believe it, but I made a HAT! My crafting ability usually lies in primitive crafts and paper crafts, but this month I took some time and tried my hand at knitting and crocheting. Normally I can manage to just do some straight knitting and make a scarf or crochet some granny squares (but they never seem to make it into an afghan). But you know how the wrappers on the yarn usually have free patterns??? Well there was a pattern for a hat and scarf set. I turned it over and looked at the directions.....hmmmmm it's SAYS easy or beginner. Ok, uses a big crochet hook and 2 strands of yarn.....I prefer that. AND ONLY 10 ROWS????? Say it isn't so!!!

So at 11pm Friday night I start on it. I was half way through it when I decided I needed to head to bed. And a few hours on Saturday and IT WAS FINISHED!

I was so amazed that it actually resembled a hat!! I really like it.