Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm still here!

Wow!  It's been awhile but things had been so hectic here!  The new job has been great.  The commute is a bit much.  I had switched my hours from 9:30-6 to 10-6:30.  There had been a lot of construction going on and it was taking me 2 hours to drive to work.  I couldn't imagine going in any earlier so i opted for the different shift.  It's not so bad except now that the construction has died down, I've been getting to work now a 1/2 hour early.  But I just take the time to sit in my car either reading, listening to an audiobook or going through bills.

Since March, my Mom has been in and out of the hospital 4 times now. First when she first had the kidney failure and started dialysis, then a blood clot, colitis and then another clot.  But she's been doing much better now.  She's doing the treatment she can do from home.  I think it's called Parataneal.  She does it at night when she's sleeping rather than go for dialysis several times a week. 

So we are still busy here setting up her supplies and stuff but hopefully things will start getting back to a little normal. I just put in the application for the one show we do in November so I have to start concentrating on crafting on the weekends.  I get home so late now that getting anything during the week is just impossible. 

With that said, I couldn't stand it any longer not being able to get on the computer at night when I come home so I broke down and got the Inspiron Duo from Dell.

Isn't it the cutest??  The screen flips so you can use it as a tablet or a laptop.  So at least I can come home at night and sit with it in the living room rather than go upstairs to the computer/craftroom.  And I take to work to use during the day at lunchtime.  So hopefully I won't feel I'm missing out on checking in on all of my great prim sites and blogs!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!  Now to check in all of the blog posts I've been missing out on!!!

Have a great night!
"Aunt DeeDee"