Saturday, February 12, 2011

Still unemployed but getting craft mojo back!

Wow, it's been awhile since my last post!   I've been still searching for a job.  In the beginning when I was laid off, it was like "Ok, I haven't had a vacation in awhile and let me take some time".   After the 1st week or 2 you get motivated into finding a job.  By the 4th, 5th, 6th month.....PANIC sets in!  I found that especially towards the end of the year there were absolutely NOTHING posted jobwise.  I think most places are wrapping up their end of year stuff and not looking to hire.  Now that it's the new year, things seem to be picking up a bit, but the problem is...there are so many people out there unemployed it's almost like playing the lottery.....not great odds!   Next week I have a 2nd interview on Monday at which they said it's between 2 of us and they'll most likely make a decision that afternoon.  I'm really hoping for that one.  It's a little less money, but still local....15 minutes from home!   If that one doesn't pan out, then I have a 3rd interview for another place that has seem promising up to this point.  This is supposedly my last stop in the interview process.  Everything seems really great about this job except for the commute.  When I calculate the cost of gas alone I'd spend in the year, I'd probably be making less than the closer job.  But at this point, I'm hoping one or the other hires me.

So I've had some time on my hands.  I got back into researching the family history more and got a bit added onto the family tree.  Finally came across some older photos of my one grandfather which was nice.  Up to that point, all I had were really old ones of my grandmother when she was little and her side of the family and then my grandfather once they were dating and then married.  So nice to find older ones of him and some of his family.  We know that one my direct ancestors (a great great etc grandfather) came over on the Mayflower, so that's exciting.   I'm trying to get photos that go back to at least my great-great grandparents and then I want to try to incorporate those photos into some sort of altered craft or scrapbook type of item.  Here's one of the photos I found of my Great Grandparents.  I just love the old vintage looking photos. 

And I've tweaked my bottlecaps a little.  My parents gave me a Sizzix Big Shot for Christmas and surprise!  I can flatten my bottlecaps with it.  That was probably the coolest thing I've done with it yet!  When my camera batteries are charged I'll share photos. 

And I've noticed that the # of my followers is starting to creep up.  Stay tune this coming week, as I think it's time for some sort of spring giveaway!!!!!

Hope all is well with everyone!
Aunt DeeDee