Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

And Happy NSD to those happy scrappers out there!  Sad to say I've just gotten a moment to myself to sit down and get on the computer and hopefully can find some good NSD scrapbook sales still going on at this hour.  I haven't had the chance to get on the computer much in these past few weeks.  Mom had gone into the hospital on Good Friday.  She wound up with a blood clot up by her neck and an infection with the 1st port they put in for dialysis.  So she had a 9 day stay in the hospital.  They removed that port and put in another on the other side of her chest.  And they also put the one in her stomach for the kind of treatment she can do from home rather than going to dialysis.  This one has to heal and she has to be trained on how to do it so in the meantime she still needed the chest port to do regular dialysis.

This time we said we did not want the same surgeon who did it the first time. HORRIBLE bedside manner.  She had gone to him just a day or 2 before she got so bad and in such pain that she finally went to the ER at the hospital.  He didn't seem concerned by what he saw when she visited him.  Ugh!   And then just this past Thursday I had called home from work to check in and was worried when Dad said she was sleeping every time I called.  Told my sis she had to go and check on her when she got out from work (she's a teacher so she gets out earlier than me).  Such a big down side to my job - not getting out until 6 and the good hour and fifteen minute drive home, and that's a good night without traffic!  So she was pretty bad but Mom was adamant about not going to the hospital and they didn't argue with her.  I was so mad at them for not just calling 911 to come to the house.  So by yesterday she was feeling so bad she finally decided to go.  We were really worried that something was happening with the stomach port.  Turns out to be colitis and after treating her for the day she looks so much better!  She'll most likely be coming home tomorrow.  Thank goodness!!!

However, I told her the next time I have that feeling that she is that bad I'm just calling 911 from work and that's the end of it.  Or else I'm calling my uncle, her brother, who will simply go get her and put her in a car.  My aunt asked why I didn't call him and I said I had trusted that my sister and father would be able to "handle" my mom and get her to the hospital.  Oh well, lesson learned.  Mom better hope she stays on the mend because I have full intentions on making good on my threat next time!

So hoping my momma will be home in time for Mommy's Day tomorrow!  She had to spend Easter in the hospital, I would like to have her be able to spend Mommy's Day home and on the front porch taking in the nice weather. I go to try and find some good scrapbook deals!!
Wishing all Moms out there a happy Mother's Day!
"Aunt DeeDee"