Sunday, April 10, 2011

Swan dive off the sidewalk!

So if things weren't hectic enough with everything else going on, I decide to take a swan dive (and it most likely resemble more of a dodo bird landing) off our sidewalk on Wednesday.  I had just finally gotten to my regular hours at work and no more training, so I had to readjust the time I leave for work on Wednesday (luckily later in the morning as I'm now working 9:30 to 6).  I walk out of the house and go down the front porch steps fine.  Nothing was wet, the sun was out, no frost on my car.  Walk down the sidewalk and step off the last step into the driveway and a flying I go!  I had NO CLUE what had just happened except that I'm now laying in a muddy driveway, my travel cup opened up and ice goes all over.  I knew I hurt my knee and eventually got up.  Put my hand on the step to help myself up and wouldn't you know was  FROSTY!  Couldn't even see it!  Luckily it was my knee and not my ankle.  I've twisted that ankle so many times, the last time it was MONTHS that it hurt to walk on it.  So I had to hobble back inside and change clothes and got to work.  It was sore throughout the day but manageable.  Stupid me didn't think better when I came home to put ice on it or anything and night time was horrible trying to sleep.  Thursday morning....couldn't walk.  It was so sore, swollen and stiff.  I had to call out to work.  Just killed me to do so since I've only been there a month and to waste a day on something like that.  Grrrrrrr!!!!!

Thanks to everyone with their kind words last week, still trying to get back to my replys.   Mom is still hanging in there but just depressed.   Hoping we can get her spirits up a bit. 

On the crafting front, my sister brought me 2 big bags of soda cans so I have to start cleaning them out.  I've been cutting out 3d barn stars and snowflakes out of the tin with my Big Shot Pro (I am in LOVE with my Big Shot Pro!!).  I've got to get going on some stitcheries but I seem to do those more in the spring and summer months sitting out on my porch so I'll get my mojo back on those soon!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

"Aunt DeeDee"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life got hectic and I'm tired!

I haven't posted recently but life got a little hectic and worrisome at home.  Mom had to go into the hospital.  She has a cancer but more recently had gotten sick in October and November which was what her regular doctor chalked up to pnuemonia, but she never quite shook it.  So she finally got back to her specialist doctor and had blood work done.  Her doctor called one morning and said I want you in the hospital.  She had fluid in her lungs and her kidneys were down to less than 10% function.   So she was in for just over a week and is now getting dialysis (probably spelling that totally wrong!!).  So we are all working together to get through all of this.  I am so glad I moved into the other half of the house.   Now that I'm working further away from home I at least know that when I am home, I'm just next door. 

So between helping out my parents and getting into the swing of things with the new job I haven't had a chance to be on the computer much.   But I'm hoping to have some time this weekend to work on projects....oh and get caught up on laundry, the cleaning.......but I swear I'm fitting in some crafting time!!!

Take care,
Dawn "Aunt DeeDee"