Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some of my favorite things!

Fall, Halloween and mice!!!  I just think fall babies (I was born in October) just appreciate and love fall so much!  Whenever I come across a person that loves Fall, they always seem to be born in the fall months.  Halloween is my ultimate favorite holiday....LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!    And well, mice??  I've loved mice since I was little.  I love collecting things with mice on it....they are just so cute!!!!   They don't make go EEEEK....just Awwww!

So what has brought on my love fest of my favorite things?   Well, that would be Old Road Primitives newest creation and giveaway!   She is having a giveaway of a Fall Meadow Mouse n Witch Hat.

Head on over to her blog for a peek....just don't go EEK when you see the mouse!  :)

Have a great night,
Aunt DeeDee

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another day closer to fall!

It's supposed to get warmer today, about 90 I believe but I can take it now.  I know we are one day closer to fall!  Well I didn't get much accomplished from the to-do list from yesterday.   Mom and Dad are still working on their addition.  Mom had bought the cabinet pieces from Lowe's and the sink vanity isn't the same brand and although we were told they matched the other pieces.....it didn't.  So we had to pack my van up with the sink vanity and sink top, a tall cabinet and the medicine cabinet.....not that any men around here offered any help!  And off to the next town over to return it.  That and food shopping took up pretty much half of our day. 

Earlier in the day when I went out to run errands I went past a yard sale and saw a nice set of drawers.  From the road I could see I liked it.  (Wish I took a pic!)  So went back home and grabbed mom to go look.  It was GORGEOUS!  It needed to be refinished as the woman who was selling had started the process.  Once we saw it we knew it was an older piece.  Nice and heavy.  I've been trying to find something to use as a new TV/entertainment stand.  I knew the $60 I grabbed on the way wasn't going to be enough but I was in love with and was willing to spend $100...............turns out she wanted $500!  WAY past my budget!  So now the search continues!  

I came across another blog to follow today and another great giveaway!!   Hop on over to Cricket Hollow Primitives  and check out her great Halloween giveaway!!!!!

Ok...off to check email, run to the local grocery store and then off to accomplish some of those items from yesterday!

Aunt DeeDee

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Look at what I won!

What a GREAT way to wake up this morning.  First of all, the weather out is perfect.  Sunny and warm but not too warm.  And then,  I just checked on my favorite blogs and found out that I won 10.....TEN!!!.....stitchery patterns from Samantha's Accessories.    That was so hard picking out just 10 patterns, so I also have a shipping list now too! 

Samantha has been talking on her blog about being more organized which I really have to start doing as well.  So my list today is:
  • Take mom into town for shopping
  • Sew up the blocks for 2 rag quilt table toppers
  • Sew up the strips for rag trees
  • Go through the UFO (UnFinished Objects) pile I have and see what I need to complete them!
  • List the Halloween Bottlecap necklaces on Etsy
That should do it for the day!   What is everyone else working on today?

Aunt DeeDee

Monday, August 2, 2010

Giveaway Winners!

Yes, I said winners!  Both Brenda from of The Rusty Thimble and "B" from Wood N Stitches have both won a bottlecap necklace. AND..........so has "B"s granddaughter!!!   :)

I'll be emailing you both and thank you for posting!!

Enjoy your night and for those who didn't see this post or get to sign up in time, there will be more goodies coming down the line!

Aunt DeeDee

Sunday, August 1, 2010

My 1st Giveaway!

Now that I'm settled in the apartment a bit more and am able to post and craft more, I wanted to do a giveaway.  And this giveaway is to just my current followers!  I'll do another one soon in hopes to gather more followers but right now the only thing needed to enter this giveaway is to be a current follower and comment on this post.  Nice and easy!!!   This will be a quickie.....I will pick a winner tomorrow night so all comments to be posted by 9pm EST. 

And what will be the giveaway?   A bottlecap pendant that says "Hope" because we could all use a little Hope in our lives!  Although the picture does not show it, a necklace will be inclued with the bottlecap.

Aunt DeeDee