Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another day closer to fall!

It's supposed to get warmer today, about 90 I believe but I can take it now.  I know we are one day closer to fall!  Well I didn't get much accomplished from the to-do list from yesterday.   Mom and Dad are still working on their addition.  Mom had bought the cabinet pieces from Lowe's and the sink vanity isn't the same brand and although we were told they matched the other didn't.  So we had to pack my van up with the sink vanity and sink top, a tall cabinet and the medicine cabinet.....not that any men around here offered any help!  And off to the next town over to return it.  That and food shopping took up pretty much half of our day. 

Earlier in the day when I went out to run errands I went past a yard sale and saw a nice set of drawers.  From the road I could see I liked it.  (Wish I took a pic!)  So went back home and grabbed mom to go look.  It was GORGEOUS!  It needed to be refinished as the woman who was selling had started the process.  Once we saw it we knew it was an older piece.  Nice and heavy.  I've been trying to find something to use as a new TV/entertainment stand.  I knew the $60 I grabbed on the way wasn't going to be enough but I was in love with and was willing to spend $100...............turns out she wanted $500!  WAY past my budget!  So now the search continues!  

I came across another blog to follow today and another great giveaway!!   Hop on over to Cricket Hollow Primitives  and check out her great Halloween giveaway!!!!! to check email, run to the local grocery store and then off to accomplish some of those items from yesterday!

Aunt DeeDee