Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas and New Year's Wishes!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are looking forward to starting a brand new year! I spent a nice quiet Christmas with my parents. This is the 1st time in my 39 years that I didn't sleep at my parents house! But since we live in a 2 family house connected by a garage in the middle and all I had to do was wake up in the morning, go through my kitchen door into the garage and into their kitchen.....just sayin' it's not really much different!!! BUT it was nice to sleep cigarette and smoke free for once on Christmas Eve! Mom decided to bake a ham so she didn't have to cook much in the way of dinner.

I had mentioned about how we used to always get a puzzle for Christmas when my sister and I were little. And then mom commented how she thought a Thomas Kincaid puzzle would be pretty. So I wound up getting her a 1000 piece Thomas Kincaid puzzle and she wound up getting me 2 Springbok winter puzzles- one 500 pieces and the other 1000. Christmas day we put together the 500 piece one and the last piece was put into place at 3am! Boy that was hard!! And the other day we started the Thomas Kincaid one and we've been cursing that one out ALOT. I have no clue why we thought puzzles were so much fun!!!  Here's the one we did on Christmas, it was pretty when finished.

The most fun I have at Christmas is taking pictures of my parents cats on Christmas morning.  They currently have a total of 8 cats!  Yikes!  This year I didn't even get pics of all of them put here are a few of them:

This is Jack, but I call him Mr. Jack.   He and his sister Jill aka Beanie were mine for awhile.  We had found a home for them but the person had to give them back.  I kept them for a bit while trying to find a home for them but got in trouble when the landlord found I had them.  So mom took them for a bit and we knew at that point they'd stay with her.  She already had their brother so it was a happy family reunion with them.  Jack is still my baby boy though.  Isn't he just the most handsome lil guy???  And he ALWAYS hangs his legs over the edges of things.  Sometimes he has both hanging down....he has unually long legs. 

This is Jill aka Beanie.  She's just a teeny tiny tot.  She is really a small little girl.  All of the mean kids in the family seem to pick on her, but just like her brother, she's still my lil girl!! 

And this is Woody, their brother.  Caught him in mid yawn!  Guess we were tiring him out!!  His a big ol' boy!  I think he and his brother got all of their mama's nutrients and poor Beanie didn't!!

Awwww.....the newest additions to the house!  My parents lost 2 of their males this year within a week apart.  They were Dad's boys and he was really missing them.  While at the garden center this summer, we found the farm had kittens there and are Gizmo (left) and Ralphie (right).  I hear them getting yelled at alot!!   But they had fun on Christmas morning.  Ralphie loves to shred which he gets yelled at for.  Well, he thought Santa was just the coolest for bringing lots of paper to shred that morn!

And should my mom EVER find out that I posted this picture I will surely meet my demise, but I just had to.  Snapped this while we were baking peanut butter cookies.  I'm pretty sure I got yelled at after snapping this!

And here is my little tiny prim and country tree.  You can see a bit in the above picture of my mom's tree.  She still does a more traditional tree....colored lights, various ornaments, garland.  When I went out on my own, I went different.  I love the white lights opposed to the colored lights.  And the past few years, I've participated in prim ornie swaps so just about all of my tree is handmade ornies.  Only the top portion has store bought ornaments that are small, but still prim in nature!  :)   And then I have some wooden candy canes and metal icicles that were also bought.  I found a new tree at Lowe's that I wanted to buy this year, but after losing my job I couldn't justify buying a new tree.  I always think I need a new tree but then after putting my little Charlie Brown tree up, I just love it.  So I think it will be a keeper for at least another year!

And finally I must post a picture of one of my girls, Gracie.  I tortured her this year by buying a Santa cape.  She was the only one stupid.....uhhhh I mean gracious enough to leave it on long enough to snap a pic!  She really was not amused by it!!!

Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

Aunt DeeDee

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Giveaway by the Rusty Thimble

Brenda from the Rusty Thimble has been so generous with her giveaways this year.  Each month she has offered some wonderful items and given them to lucky followers of her blog.  As we close in on the end of 2010, Brenda has one last giveaway and it doesn't disappoint!!!  Go on over to her blog and check out the darling snow girl ornies that she is offering to a lucky reader!

Now I'm off to do some errands and visit the craft stores.

Take care,
Aunt DeeDee