Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hard Candy Christmas

Tonight I was listening to my Christmas music and Dolly Parton's Hard Candy Christmas was playing.  And as I was listening to the words, I was thinking that yes in deed, this is a hard candy Christmas.  Being out of work since mid September has been depressing.  I've had a 2 jobs in particular here in town that I wanted so bad and came really close but not close enough and all of the other jobs have quite a commute attached to them.  When I was first laid off, I thought well at least I have time to get ready for our November show but I just lacked the enthusiasm to craft.  The show finally came and I had stuff prepared but not like I would have liked.  However at the end of the day and tallying up sales, you know what? I actually had better sales than last year.  Huh?  How did that happen?   So that started to get my spirits up and at least it has renewed my creativity and I have the desire to craft.  And the job hunt continues.  So I've decided that....

I'll be fine and dandy, Lord it's like a hard candy christmas, I'm barely getting through tomorrow, But still I won't let sorrow get me way down........Dolly Parton can be SO inspiring!  :)

I hoped everyone had a great Thanksgiving and had a special time with friends and family.  It's hard to believe that Christmas is approaching at a very rapid rate.  I hope to get the house cleaned up and start decorating this week.  I've been listening to Christmas music, well I've been actually listening to it before Thanksgiving but I so love the music of this holiday.  I could listen to it all year long.  It's just so inspirational.

And lastly, I'll leave you with this story!

As you can see my Gracie Ann is not a small cat. She prefers to be called fluffy and I don't have the heart to tell her that her fur isn't all that fluffy. You would imagine it's hard to misplace a cat of Gracie's size, errr sorry, FLUFF. So one day I can't find her. I look in her all of her usual sleeping spots (since that's all she does all day long). I cannot find her anywhere. This is a small apartment, where in the world could she be? Then I notice my kitchen cabinet ajar. She has a really BAD habit of opening the cabinets under the sink so now they all get locked. But never would I have imagined what I was about to discover!

So I spy with my little eye a bit of FLUFF sticking out of the upper cabinet!

I seriously have no clue how she got up there, she's not the most agile of cats!  And to see this big ol' girl curled up so tightly in the bowl, I couldn't even be mad at her.  She must have thought that was the most uncomfortable bed!

So next time you open that kitchen cupboard, BEWARE!  You never know what may be lurking inside! 

Have a great night!
Aunt DeeDee