Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ahhhh Cooler Weather!

So happy things have cooled off around here.  Still warm but lower humidity and nice sleeping weather at night.  Now this is the kind of summer weather I can live with, you can function in it!

Mom and I went out shopping today.  We're on the border of PA and there's a super Walmart in Milford PA so we headed up there but EEEK!  They were having "Milford Day" and the traffic was horrible.  We did stop out a few yard sales on the way and I picked up 2 wooden bowls to paint for $1 so yippee!!!

My parents are getting an addition to their side of the house but for some reason I'm getting all of the junk over on my side!  I came home yesterday and looked down at my garden and was like ACK!  They...they being the work MEN (yes I stress MEN because what woman would do this???) dug up this big round cement circle and instead of putting it on the grass it was in the corner of my little garden and crushed all of my......well I don't know what it was!  LOL   I'm horrible with gardening!   I buy plants that appeal to me and then get frustrated when my mom explains that it will only bloom for another week, or won't come up til next year and so on.  I "think" the stuff in the front of my garden is alysum or something like that.  Anywho......they crushed it!!!  Grrrrrr!!!!!    Oh and I'm SO keeping that round cement thingy!!  Not sure how to use it yet in the garden but it is kind of cool!!  The white cicrle is where that big round thing WAS until I moved it.  MEN!

And picture of said junk surrounding my lil garden!

And this has been my favorite plant this year....a gerbena daisy (and I only know that because I just yelled out the window asking mom what it was called!  LOL)

It's hard to see in the picture, but there's a neat old cement wall around my garden.  I'm more excited with my plans for Halloween for the side of my apartment!  Tomb stones in the garden, neat black fence around it, cobweds....can't wait!!!!  

And I finally made a rag quilt.  This is a table runner I made for Mom and I love how it turned out so I will definitely be making more of these.  I take my big rag quilt that someone made me to use as a table cloth at our craftshow and every year people want to buy it, so hoping to get some done for our show in November!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and come back tomorrow as I will be posting my 1st GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Aunt DeeDee