Sunday, November 22, 2009

The show was a success!

Wow!   I'm still tired from yesterday!!  The past few years I've taken the week off before this show just to finish up last minute items and all of that....although each year I swear I'm doing it differently so I'm not doing things at the last minute.  But I think most of us that do shows are always gluing and painting right up til the last possible minute!!  :)

Mom and I set up our display the night before.  Unfortunately we had a late start on Saturday morning and knew we were going to be rushed to set out our products.  We walk in and go ACK!!  The night before, the booth to our left was all set up.  The booth to our right just had tables set out....but we didn't realize that they were going to bring a 3rd table and butt it right up alongside our table.  Well we had our display facing so people would walk around the outside of it.  So we had to scramble and rearrange our display.  I think if I would have checked, I think the other booth was over their markings but at that early hour in the morning I didn't want to start a neighbor feud!  :)

All in all, it was a successful day.  Sales were up from last year and I noticed that more of the bigger items going this year as opposed to last year.  Always great to see repeat customers....we look forward to seeing them each year as they seem to be to find us!  Great to also hear from the woman who kept waiting for our website to open and she made a point to tell us she already knew it was done and she's visited it already.

Prim is starting to catch on a bit more though...some extra competition this year.  Our "neighbor" came back and said that this persons stuff was too cheap, said it was handmade but she didn't think so. She showed me what she bought and I said, no way.....this is handmade and I couldn't believe her pricing.  So Mom and I eventually checked out her items.....adorable prims and many of the same patterns Mom and I use.  I have a rule for craftshows that I'm selling at......I don't allow myself to buy anything.   I go as a shopper to other craftshows and buy til my hearts content......but I was SOOOOO tempted to buy from this girl......way cute stuff!!!   And she eventually made her way over to our table too and we laughed that we both had to check each other out.  It was really nice to talk to her....we discussed other patterns and supplies and everything.

SANDY......Olde Country Cupboard/You Are Special......if you read this she did up your snowman head wreaths!!!!   As soon as saw them I knew whose pattern that was!!!  :)

So now for the annual cleanup/clean out of the craft room.  I use our display for my storage in the craft room so the night before this show everything gets dumped out and I come home to a horrible mess!!!

Didn't have too much of a chance to take pics of all of our booth, but I took a few.  I wish I had taken a picture of the new building we were in though.  It's 3 buildings connected.....a greenhouse, then our building (which is gorgeous inside....some of the pics you can see the gorgeous wood in there and the lights...loved them!!!) and then a 3rd connected building where they had a few more crafters and the concession stand and tables.    And shhhhhh.....don't tell Mom I caught her in a pic.....she will be sooo mad at me!!!!   But isn't she so cute!!! :)

You can see part of the building in these next 2 pics!   Check out the chandelier light in the top left corner pic.....they were nice prim lights. 

Dawn "Aunt DeeDee"