Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Getting ready for the craftshow!

Mom and I narrowed down our craftshows to just one a few years ago. In our area it's hard to find a good quality craftshow that brings in the not only the customers but other great crafters as well. So a few years ago we decided to put all of our effort into one of the local shows for the Northwest Christian School. We've had a spot at this craftshow for many years....first it started with my parents when they made birdhouses. Then they gave me their spot after I got out of college and started doing my own shows with country items. I stumbled upon the world of primitive thanks to a wonderful crafting community called Primmart and that started me towards my path of primitive crafting. At that point my mother started crafting again and we now do the show together.

The show is always the weekend before Thanksgiving and it seems like a perfect time for the show. This year they are using a new building at the fairgrounds so I'm not sure what to expect...luckily we can get in the night before and set up our tables and display and be able to see how the new space will work.

So while other people tend to take vacation time at work to go away and visit places....I take my vacation time the week before the show to get ready and finish last minute items!! much crafting to little time!!!!

Dawn "Aunt DeeDee"