Friday, January 25, 2013

Brrrrrr.......Flurries are coming!

What is up with this weather?  We are due some flurries today.  Originally it was calling for a bigger storm but I believe now they are saying we're just to get some flurries to an inch or so.  Of course, the weather station has been wrong before and it could also mean we're about to get dumped upon!

So, I'm making it a mission to write each day and I'm off to a roll here!  With the weekend coming, I'm thinking of what I need to do.  I really want to start some projects I have rolling around in my head but I know what I really need to do start to clean and organize the craft room.

Which leads me to my question today:  what is the best way you organize your craft room?  I'm always looking for ideas for storage and organization.  Sometimes I want it to look quaint, storing things in unique items but then I know sometimes it's easier to be pratical.  For example, do I really like the look of plastic containers, of course not, but my DMC flosses and buttons are just better suited to be stored in them.  I do have one jar of buttons to be cute but I am not about to dig through a jar for a particular color.  That's why they are sorted by color in the plastic containers....the jar is purely decoration!  :)

So what's YOUR best way to store any particular craft item? to work at the main job....the one that supports my fabric addiction!

Have a great weekend.....and a giveaway is coming!

Take Care,
"Aunt DeeDee"