Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Giveaway Winner Announced!

Whew....it's been a long past two days for me!  Rough getting back into the swing of things with starting a new job.  But after almost 6 months of unemployment it's most definitely a welcome change!  The ONLY downside I see so far in this job is the commute.  REALLY not used to that at all but it is what it is!  I'm hoping that once training is done and I start my normal hours which will be 9:30 to 6 that I will miss a good portion of rush hour.  Without the traffic the drive is 45 minutes.  Today it took an hour and a half and I didn't have a minute to spare.  So tomorrow I'll leave even earlier.  You just never know with this major highway of ours what may pop up and delay traffic.  But otherwise, everyone has been so nice and I think it's going to be a nice work environment!

OK......so on to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!!   Please excuse me that I don't have pictures of the list of entries or a screen print of the random # generator but the camer isn't charged and I wasn't sure how to get a screen print of the # generator.  But after listing each entry and the double entry for those adding it to their sidebar, there was a total of 27 entries.  The random # generator picked # 26 which was...................

LIL RAGGEDY ANGIE!!!!!!!!!    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Please email your mailing address so Peter Cottontail can jump in his box and be mailed off to you!!

And to show my appreciation of all of those who took the time to leave me a comment and also those who helped spread the word, I picked 5 more winners!  Please email your info and a lil something will be on it's way to you as well!

1. Carmen @ primcats
2. Connie
3. Amy @ cottageprims
4. Michelle
5. Lecia @ Farmhouse prims

I had a few inquiries on the shabby barn stars, if they would be for sale.  I should have some listed this weekend and will post a note here when I do for anyone that may be interested.  

Have a great night and thanks again to all who entered the giveaway and helped spread the word about my blog!   I'll be planning another giveaway soon so stay tuned!

Aunt DeeDee