Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gizmo has a brother!

And then there were two!   Well Mom went back to the garden center to pick up her patio plant that she forgot to get when she was sidetracked by kittens and came home with Gizmo instead.  She mentions that the kitten is doing well to one of the girls and they mention that the mommy won't feed 2 of the kittens now.  Mom thought it was the 2 kittens we left at the farm but it seems that the 2 that were taken by someone else were returned.  So now Gizmo has a brother Gremlin!   We think they're from the same litter but won't be sure until she talks to the owner of the garden place.  He is a mouthy lil guy and he LOVES your face.   Another cutie but Mom and Dad have their hands full of feeding, sleeping and playful babies!   Luckily they have a built in babysitter living next door and I'll go get them ANYTIME they need a break.   Although my girls didn't think much of me sitting on my porch tonight holding this baby!!!!  I was tempted to go get the little girl kitten but I have my 3 girls and Nutmeg has been acting strange and the last time I had 2 kittens living with me for awhile she totally went nuts so I don't want to put her through that.

Gremlin's first baby picture.....