Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Great Father's Day!

We had a great Father's Day on Sunday! We went to my Uncle Greg's cabin at Lake Swartswood with my parents, grandfather "Poppy", Uncle Greg, and my sister and her family. Had a great picnic and watched my niece Becky fish for awhile. My uncle got the boat in the water and first he and my mom took out Becky for a ride around the lake, then Becky went out with her parents. All in all great day with the exception of me getting a little sunburn. And unfortunately we were missng Aunt Patty; Patty is a nurse and sometimes misses out on some of our get togethers.

Becky, Nancy and Ben

Mom, Uncle Greg and Becky

Aunt Dee Dee and Becky

Poppy and Becky

Grampa and Becky

The Lone Fisherman - Rebecca!