Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

Finally we are starting to see some springlike weather.  It's still cool....but no rain and no snow and temperature above 50....I'll take it!!

Going into the spring weather is bitter sweet for me.  A few months ago I had posted about the newest addition to the family...Timothy James.  With such a saddened heart, I have to say this little furbaby has become a fur angel.  He was such a sweet lil man and was becoming the sweetest cat.  We had a such a great bond since he was just a little kitten when I "catnapped" him off the streets of Branchville and he hadn't been handled by people up until then.  Everything was going along great with him, getting all of his routine shots and then had gone for neutering end of February.  Just after the neutering, I noticed his belly getting big and we had been going around with a worm situation so at first we thought the worms were back.  Unfortunately the news was not good...he had what is called FIP, which I've come to learn is such an insideous disease.   He still had such a spark to him and at first all you could tell by looking at him that gave away his illness was this huge round belly which was full of this icky yellow fluid.  So we did all we could for him, looking at any known, albeit longshot treatments.  Unfortunately, the night of his first treatment injection, he must have had a stroke or something, he was still with us but not good.  I said I would do all I could for him while I knew he still had that spark but would also do the right thing when the time came and that morning we laid my sweet boy to rest.  While it felt like this all took weeks, months.....all in all it was a matter of 9 days from the day I took him to the vet, while he was acting perfectly normal except for sporting a big belly to the fateful end day. 

My mom questionned why he was allowed to come into our lives for such a short time but I would like to think there was a reason he came into my life.  Perhaps it was known that he was only going to be with us for a short time, but in that short time he came into a home, was loved, named and will be cherished forever.  So, we're back to me and the 2 girls and we're going to keep it that way for awhile.  Someday I'm sure I'll be ready for a new baby (who can ever say no to a kitten?!)  but Nutmeg is 17 this month and I'm not looking to stress her out. 

Now, of course if I'm driving home someday again and a little furbaby creature scurries in front of my car, we all now I'm hitting the brakes, right?   I'm just sayin! 

Today's goal......try and organize this mess of a room I call the craft room!  Eek....who came and ransacked this room???    Of course, I generally close the door to the room but today the door "somehow" got popped open and I have 2 furry kids who are doing anything but help me clean and organize it.  I swear, I think they act worse than kids sometimes!!